The Cosmic Shed

The Cosmic Shed is a podcast that explores the ways science and storytelling collide. Science Fact, Science Fiction and everything in between.

The Guardian newspaper chose The Cosmic Shed as one of their favourite podcasts of 2018. William Gibson says it’s “extremely enjoyable”. Sasha Sagan says it’s “her ideal podcast”.


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We about films, books, music, theatre, TV, and anything else that catches our curiosity, from rigorously accurate science fact to ridiculously speculative science fiction.

We don’t want to nitpick, but to celebrate the ways science and art can complement and enrich each other. Mostly we just want to talk about nerdy things that make us happy. We’ve decided to do all of this from a crumbling garden shed, somewhere in Bristol.

The shed has been enhanced with some homemade weather-proofing, a lick of celestial black paint, three otherworldly armchairs, and a Japanese DIY star projector. Oh, and fitted with microphones to record our babble.

We don’t have the budget for a device to control the weather, so any atmospheric sounds you hear are from the garden just beyond the shed’s thin wooden walls.

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